Why is body language important?

Why is body language important?

Why is body language important?

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  • What is body language and why is it important?
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We live in the age of technology and science. Lets start Why is body language important. Everything that we touch today is either technology or some sort of innovation. Everything we need, from food to a haircut, is available to us on various applications. But there are some human emotions and characteristics which we cannot replicate. No matter how much we evolve our tech, Artificial intelligence might be able to replicate human actions. But it cannot replicate the emotions and body language a human carries with him/herself. 

Similarly, we humans as a species have been evolving. There was a time when we used to be hunters and gatherers. Then came the stage where we learned how agriculture could be done. And now, we are incorporating today’s tech into that agriculture. We have come a long way and one of the major parts of this evolution was our psychology. Through psychology, we could interpret a lot of things that other species could not. Psychology is something that has been with us through all these centuries. 

Today, we are here to discuss one of psychology’s best topics i.e., Body Language. We will learn a little about what body language is and Why is body language important. So, let us start without wasting any time. 

What is Body language and why is it important?

It is a form of non-verbal communication. It is used by people to communicate their thoughts, emotions and feelings through actions instead of words. These actions may include various forms of expressions such as facial expressions, gestures, postures, hand movements and many more. People who have a strong connection use this technique when they are in public places and want to communicate with their partners or friends secretly. Many doctors and psychologists also use this technique to find out how is this technique important if their patient or subject is lying about something.

The different types of Body language are:

1. Facial Expressions: Through facial expressions, one can communicate a lot. Emotions such as sadness, happiness, anger and fear can be easily expressed through facial expressions. 

2. Gestures: Hand and arm movement can be used to convey a lot as well. One great example of this would be when we wave our hands to say goodbye to our friends or when we point towards something. 

3. Postures: The way we position our bodies can also indicate a lot about us. For instance, if we stand with an open chest and uncrossed arms, it exudes the spirit of a confident person. 

4. Eye Contact: Eyes are another great way to communicate and even our eyes come under its discussion. With eyes we may know why is it important There are so many Hindi songs made on just eyes. This only makes my point stronger. If the eye contact between two people is for a longer period, it might suggest interest or affection. Similarly, if a person avoids eye contact with you, he/she might either be shy or may be lying.

5. Proxemics: Proxemics is the use of personal space while conveying a message to a person. For instance, your partner would tell you a story from a closer distance but a colleague would not come that close and will maintain a little distance while speaking.

6. Tone of Voice: Although it is not a body language thing, it might be unknown with this that why is body language important, the tone of someone when they talk to you can convey a lot. The way they speak, for example fast, slow, and their level of decibel high or low.


Body language has always been a part of human evolution. As we grow as a species, we keep on creating more ways to communicate with each other. Our body language also shows our personality. If you want to make improvements in your personality, you can join our Personality Development course in Chandigarh


Q. Will my body language improve with a personality development course?

A. Yes, a Personality development course can help you in many ways including improving your body language.

Q. Is personality development important for a job?

A. Yes, your personality is judged by your recruiter before you join a company. You will get a job only because the person interviewing you likes your personality. Because they don’t know you from scratch, they can only judge you by your Personality.

Q. Is body language important for an interview?

A. Yes, body language is the most important thing in an interview. Your posture, the gestures you make while talking, your facial expressions and the tone of your voice will give an analysis of your personality.

Q. How can I use body language in job interviews?

A. In job interviews, use a confident posture, maintain eye contact, offer a firm handshake, and nod to show attentiveness. Avoid fidgeting or excessive gestures, as they can convey nervousness.

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