Spoken English classes in Chandigarh

Spoken English classes in Chandigarh

Spoken English classes in Chandigarh

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  • Introduction
  • Why is Spoken English so important?
  • Spoken English classes in Chandigarh
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


English is not just a language in India. Rather, it has been treated as a skill for a very long time. If you don’t know how to speak English, you will not be considered educated enough. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you accumulate, if your English is bad, or your pronunciations are incorrect, you will not be considered educated. This has become such a stigma in our society that people today are getting rejected in job interviews based on their English-speaking skills. 

 This should never have been the case. But, now that English has become such a skill, what can we do? We can learn. And it should not be a bad thing for any of us. After all, learning a new language can always be fun. But wait, what about the people who know how to speak English but are just embarrassed to have conversations with people in English? That is where our Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh come into play.

Today with this article we will discuss why English is so important in today’s India and which are the best spoken English classes in Chandigarh.

Why is spoken English so important?

In India, we are taught English from a very early age. Our whole education system is so English dominated, that we don’t give that much importance to our languages. This cultural phenomenon can also be attributed to our captors, the British. During their reign in India, they created an education system that was English dominated. An Indian who could speak fluent English was given better jobs than the ones who couldn’t and all of this got engrained in our culture. 

Even today, the same thing happens in interviews. A candidate who is much smarter and more confident is rejected because of his bad pronunciation. And a below-par candidate is selected because his accent was better. People who want to get better jobs or want to leave the country for better opportunities must be fluent in speaking English. For this, we at CBitss have created a world-class spoken English class in Chandigarh. This class will give you confidence and earn you that respect you have always craved for. 

English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

There are several English-speaking courses in Chandigarh. However, with our spoken English classes at CBitss, you can be assured that your English will be covered all aspects. From your grammar to your pronunciation, every little detail will be checked and rechecked again and again. If you are looking for an institute that can solve your English-speaking problem once and for all, CBitss might be your best bet.


 The English proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect” was not wrong at all. To learn English ‘speaking’, you must practice as much speaking as you can. Only that will help improve your vocabulary and it is the best exercise to boost your confidence. After that, when you have learnt all the basics of the English language, it will not be very difficult to become fluent in it. And also, always think of it as a simple language only. Most of our problems start when we think of language as a subject. You will always be afraid of a subject. But you can fall in love with a language.


Q. What is the minimum qualification for this course?

A. There is no minimum age or qualification for this course. Anybody from any age and social strata can come to our institute and learn.

 Q. When is the right time to start learning English?

A. Now, I repeat, Now is always the best time to start learning anything.

Q. Will the course improve my writing as well?

A. Your English writing will also improve by the end of the course.

Q. Can I join this course as an extra class after my school?

A. Yes, of course, you join this class at any time. Because this course is not going to go on for a very long period. 

Q. What is the duration of the course?

A. The duration of the course is approximately 2 months. 

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