How can I speak fluently English

How can I speak fluently English?

How can I speak fluently English?

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  • How can I speak fluently English?
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We see hundreds of people on the road every day. Some of them we talk to, some of them we don’t interact with at all. But there are some people that we have to interact with all the time like our family, friends and colleagues. This group of people cannot be ignored at any cost, right?

But what if there was a condition in talking to them as well? What if someone someday came up with a rule that from tomorrow every conversation of every person in this country will be in English? What would we do then?

You will be able to talk to a very limited group of people which might not even include your parents because of their lack of English-speaking skills. This is the condition of our education and employment system today. As you read this article, there might be hundreds of people getting rejected in job interviews just because they cannot speak proper fluent English. 

Today, with this article we will try to give you some tips for your question of how can I speak fluently English?

Tips to speak fluent English:

Practice Regularly:

You will never be able to learn or speak a language until you practice it regularly. You have to keep your subject in your head at all times. 

Listen Actively:

Speaking fluently starts with correct listening. You must keep yourself busy with English content. You can watch a movie or a TV show or watch sports with English commentary. Just keep listening and repeating what is being said there.

Speak Slowly and Clearly:

Speaking fluently doesn’t mean speaking faster. You must keep in mind that speaking at a faster speed can cause anxiety and break the flow of your conversation.

Expand Vocabulary:

Keep a small diary and a pen with you at all times. In that diary, you must write and learn new words that will expand your vocabulary. 

Engage in Conversations:

Tell your friends that you want to learn this language completely and for that, you will talk to them in English only. Practice will become super easy when you are surrounded by your friends and family.

Record Yourself:

This is something that has personally helped me during my learning phase. I always recorded my practice sessions and then analyzed them to correct my mistakes.

Seek Feedback:

During learning any subject, you are always told to attempt tests. That is to check your progress in that subject. Similarly, you must ask your friends and family for genuine feedback every time possible. 

Focus on Pronunciation:

Work on pronouncing sounds that might not exist in your native language. Mimic native speakers’ pronunciation patterns.

Be Patient:

Being fluent in anything takes time and practice. Now time is something you have no control over. But the one thing you can commit to is precising regularly. 

These are some tips that might help you in becoming fluent in speaking English. If you are dedicated enough, these should be everything you need on your learning journey. If you need any more assistance, we at EnglishPro are here for you at all times. All you have to do is enroll in any one of our English-speaking courses and we assure you that you will leave our institute a more confident and fluent English-speaking person.


English is a language that needs no introduction at least not in India. We are grilled from our school time to our adulthood about learning and speaking English. But we must also understand that learning and speaking this language has more positives than negatives.

English speaking course in Chandigarh


Can I learn English in a few days?

If you are dedicated enough, you might even learn it in a few days. But you have to practice a lot for that.

What is the duration of an English-speaking course?

The duration of any English course depends on the institute and the student’s needs. 

Can I join this course during my school days?

Yes, we have several evening batches as well as online classes which you join even during your school semester.

What can I do if I am shy during speaking?

You need to work on your confidence first. That can be done with the help of friends and family members.

What is the fee structure of the course?

There are multiple courses with multiple difficulty levels. The fee structure will depend on which course the student decides to choose.

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