How to build confidence in speaking

How to build confidence in speaking?

How to build confidence in speaking

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  • The skill of interaction
  • How to build confidence in speaking?
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Every day we meet new people. We strike up small conversations with some of them and the others just walk past us. The skill of making small conversations and leaving an impact on someone’s mind is an art which very few people can perfect in their lifetime. But what about the people who cannot start conversations with their friends and loved ones, let alone with a stranger or in front of a crowd? Many people suffer through the fear of stage. We have created this fear in the society ourselves. People who are shy when speaking to someone or in front of a crowd feel the same embarrassment. Most of the time the reason for this fear would come out to be their fear of speaking English properly. Or even worse, the fear that they mispronounce a word and they will be made fun of. 

Today, with this article we will try to tackle this situation by giving you a few tips and tricks on how to build confidence in speaking. So, as this topic is relevant for a large number of Indians, let us not waste any more time and get to the point directly;

The skill of interaction:

This is a skill that only a handful of people can master. A person who feels shy when talking to his family members cannot go out and start meaningful conversations with a random stranger on the street. It takes courage and confidence to do that. Almost half of their life goes away thinking about a conversation but they are never able to do it. This problem has risen in India because of our education system as well. A disproportionate amount of focus on the English language has led us straight into this pit. 

Today, while you can read this article because you have been educated in the English language, I can write for the same reason. But what about the people who don’t even want to learn the English language? There is a misconception in India and Indians that a person who can’t speak fluent English is not educated enough. But my point to these snooty people is this, “What if that person who you are talking about is an engineer or a doctor?” isn’t that a valid question?

How to build confidence in speaking?

Getting your confidence back is not an easy task. You have to practice and learn a lot of new stuff that you haven’t even seen before. But we promise you, if you want to learn how to speak proper English, we at EnglishPro have amazing and affordable courses for you. you can become the best speaker in your group with our courses. Some helpful tips and tricks are mentioned below;

1. Know Your Material: It doesn’t matter if you are in your house or at a public gathering, you must remember, that when you know, your confidence automatically elevates. So always keep polishing your material.

2. Practice: As discussed before practice is the key. Practice with your friends, your siblings, your parents, practice with anyone you are comfortable with. This is what will boost your confidence also you can practice with the help of English Speaking course in Chandigarh.

3. Start Small: Before grabbing a mic in front of a large gathering, start small. Take baby steps to increase your confidence and then target a larger audience.

4. Body Language: A good posture and a show of confidence will do half of your job. If you are about to speak in front of a gathering, your confidence is something that will keep those people engaged with your content.

5. Slow Down: When you speak fast, there are chances that you develop anxiety during speaking. Practice speaking slowly and enunciating your words.

6. Record Yourself: Recording yourself while speaking can be a great way to judge yourself. 

7. Feedback: Constructive feedback from a friend or a family member is always a good thing. Listen to their feedback and work on it. 


Boosting your confidence while speaking cannot happen in one night. It takes a lot of practice and motivation from the inside. Keep practising until you can break that barrier.

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Q. Is knowing English necessary for building personality?

A. No, personality is what you are born with. English is just a language.

Q. Can I learn English from home?

A. Yes, you can. We provide both online and offline courses for English-speaking.

Q. Can I join this course if I am still in school?

A. Yes, you can. These courses have no age limits.

Q. Is this course expensive?

A. No, this course is very affordable.

Q. What is the duration of our English-speaking course?

A. The normal duration of these courses is usually 2-3 months.

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